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Erotic Massage at any hotel in Bucharest

Who are we?

Since 2006, we provide body care services, body massage and erotic massage, private parties, in three locations downtown, and also in the chosen location by our customers (hotel rooms, homes, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, company headquarters, etc.)
Our team consists in 50 young sexy ladies, uninhibited, experienced in relaxing massage, erotic massage, with knowledge of foreign languages??, lawfully employed and with the medical tests to date. Also the masseuses requested for hotel massage own a badge, delegation and invoice. All this ensure the quality and the discretion of our services and customer privacy.

Our target

Our target are the clients (groups or individually, men, women, couples) who are staying in your hotel, people eager to escape the daily stress by relaxing, private parties, regenerating massage, tantric massage, erotic massage, in the company of our masseuses.

Our offer:

Relaxing and Erotic Massage

A session of 60 minutes of relaxing and erotic massage with a lady masseuse in the comfort of your room, in full confidentiality and privacy, includes:
-assisted shower (5 minutes)
-relaxing massage that produces muscle relaxation and improves blood circulation (15-20 minutes)
-body massage nude, stimulant based on touching the sensitive areas, delicate touches that are designed to excite and create pleasure (15-20 minutes)
-erotic massage with happy ending, targeting the erogenous zones of the body to be excited for achieving the maximum pleasure (15-20min)

Private Parties

We organize events: corporate, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelor parties, in the company of some masseuses especially selected if you want to organize a party in your hotel or in the lounge / restaurant.
Depending on the desired program by the beneficiary, the party can start in an office frame, where the ladies masseuses can handle the following: welcoming guests, maintaining the atmosphere, serving beverages, distributing promotional materials specific to the reception and other services without erotic tint, reaching to the point when the atmosphere becomes incendiary, with exciting performances.
Prices differ depending the masseuses rating (the index is given by the experience that the young lady has in the art of massage and physical appearance)
All the masseuses called at the hotel will have invoice and delegation to certify that they are representing our brand and everything is legal.