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Erotic Massage services at your hotel in Bucharest

Business trip or just visiting in Bucharest? Bored with you routine and daily duties? We can fix that!
We propose the following program for an hour or more, depending on the time and budget you are willing to allocate for your relaxation and enjoyment .
We propose a massage session in the comfort of your room with delicate and experienced masseuses.
The selected masseuses to offer massage at the hotel are carefully selected according to criteria that involve mastering the relaxation and massage techniques, education, beauty and ability to communicate the philosophy of Oriental techniques with their body.

In the company of these ladies masseuses you can enjoy a quality massage in full confidentiality and privacy. In the price of the massage sessions, you will receive: relaxing massage, body massage nude and erotic massage with one or two happy endings through erotic massage techniques, assisted shower, erotic dance and other small surprises, no sexual contact. In the following, we will make a brief foray into the mysteries of eroticism:
The relaxing massage represents both therapy and fun at the same time, the pleasure to feel, the joy to heal the body pain, but also the mind's, arising mainly from our indifference to us. The massage energizes us, gives us the vitality that moves the blood, increases metabolism and the exchange of oxygen in our cells. Besides these, the relaxing massage helps to strengthen the immune system and the release of serotonin, the hormone responsible for our wellbeing.
Body erotic massage a fundamental key in our sex life, our body wants to be touched in every moment. Based on the fact that erotic sensations can occur anywhere where the nerve receptors are, it can be said that the entire body is made of erogenous zones. A good massage is pure relaxation, inspiring the body and the soul.
Exciting erotic massage that includes professional tantra techniques applied to the genital area until the happy ending.